Concept for a Television Drama Series

In a city built on a web of mines,
the underground is closer to the surface than you’d expect.

A young surfer, ALEX LYNN, returns to KINGSTOWN in search of his roots. His foster parents are dead and it is now time for him to return and start digging for answers to his mysterious past, and to shed light on the dark spot in his mind that has always troubled him.

There are three families, one of which could be his blood: The crooked battlers. The ones born to rule. The Catholic cops. All tangled in each other’s secrets, plots and lies. For more than two decades, they have dominated the institutions of KINGSTOWN. Alex could be a king returning—a curious, familiar presence amidst whispers of corruption, betrayal and intrigue, echoing around the town’s famous families.

THE KINGS — Battlers who launder their underworld cash through a front of mixed businesses, a car body shop, and a local pub. Their dodgy reputation earns them fear and respect, but also unwanted attention from the authorities and bigger fish abroad. Matriarch Jeannie King’s body is eroding from cancer, and time is short for her to reconcile the secrets she has buried within her—secrets that could bring Kingstown crashing down.

THE HILLS — The family on the hill who are at the centre of everything in Kingstown. No one drops a dollar without patriarch, entrepreneur John Hill, getting his piece of it. Wealthy, ruthless and successful, admiration follows the family name – but so do whispers of corruption and familial strife.

From the outside, their lives are perfect, yet within the mansion walls Elizabeth Hill, John’s divine, admired wife, wrestles with a past that she has hidden from her unforgiving husband—a past that could dethrone them and reshape Kingstown forever.

THE THOMPSONS — The middle class devotees to the Catholic Church, Rugby League and the common good. A band of brothers who work in the family’s traditional trinity of roles — teachers, police officers and priests — but are embroiled in an ongoing investigation into the local parish. While coping with the murder of one of their own, they are faced with uncomfortable and disturbing new realities that seem easier to conceal than to confront. They will go to any length to bury them.

KINGSTOWN — Once a manufacturing mecca, it is a city under change. It has long been drained of its own lifeblood of coal and steel, but is fast becoming the seat of power for the broader region, fuelling a billion dollar dawn. Like the three families, the new industrialists fight for their share of power in an arena undermined by secrets, lies and conspiracy.

ALEX needs to reconcile his past in order to shape his future., but his drive to do so will shape more than just his own life. The whole of Kingstown will be watching as he digs for answers.