A wonderful mix of adventure, mystery, mayhem and magic.

Set north of Sydney and featuring the lush growth of the Northern Beaches and the splendour of the Pacific Ocean this story unravels at a frantic pace as T-BIRD desperately tries to save her beloved cat (AVIS).

T-BIRD is an 12 year old girl living with her two Aunties in an idyllic seaside home. She has limited magic power and is forced into conflict with her Aunt LAVINIA who is much more accomplished in the art of magic.

Unbeknownst to anyone LAVINIA is kidnapping all the cats in the area and imprisoning them on Lion Island. She is draining the lives out of the cats to create a youth elixir. She is also trying to build a horrendous resort on the island which has been bequeathed to T-Bird as a nature reserve.

Following clever detective work by T-BIRD and her best friend REX, a search of the mysterious forest on the island reveals the missing cats, lying bewitched in the tree tops, caught in a magical silken web. When REX disappears T- BIRD has to summon the courage to brave the wind, waves and wild waters to save both him and AVIS. Using her flying rug and all the magic at her disposal T-BIRD rescues REX, AVIS and hundreds of cats, while at the same time dispatching the evil LAVINIA.

This is a fabulous story that will intrigue the young and the young at heart.

Written by Tonia Stangherlin, who is an exciting new Australian writer, the film is a clever mixture of live action and CGI.

Available – One Sheet and Full Script.